Top 4 wordpress live chat  plugin that will increase conversion

For WordPress its endless possibilities to tune in any features without having a coding headache.

There are lots of theme and plugin which can extend the possibility of WordPress website and same like any other plugin you can find live chat plugin in WordPress free repo. either with popular WordPress developers (premium).

Extending the possibility for live chat features on your brand website it’s easier for you to get a hike in sales by connecting to visitors and encouraging them to purchase a product.

While I have clearly defined the importance of live chat Feature on every business website for Brand Development

Why you should use live chat plugin to connect with your users

Users find an easy way to contact support team for any e-commerce website they don’t want to write a brief email and wait for a reply instead they search for live chat for instant support.

And Seriously Neither Phone support nor email support can boost your sales at this percentage (33%)

For those who are offering phone/email support as only a standalone for contacting purposes, you should add live chat Features and then you can see some spikes in sales.

Now let’s have a Look at what some experts research says.


According To kissmetrics blog, they analyze that live chat can slightly boost conversation and relationships with customers.

The above graphic is clearly a definition power of live chat and you got the answer why should you implement this.

  • Keep ready the dedicated trained support team (they are actually a real magic where live chat is only a function with bunch of codes
  • You can even increase leads (You better have an idea about)
  • You need To see what your competitors are doing to grab new visitors attention for chatting with them

If it was simple to just implement live chat on your business website to get sales every body’s do that but you need Grabbing Customer Attention. 

Why less established business get more sales?

Here is the answer

They have been running a business from past years and have much experience than start-up like you, They have good design and attractive logo.

But the key point in their success directories includes grabbing attention by offering some discounts or something similar to a free e-book or free video lectures.

A message pop up at the button of the screen with text “25% Instant Discount Reply To Know more” will definitely be clicked and replied.

The same I suggest you offer free resources or discount coupons via live chat If you really want to make some extra profit out of your products.

Top 4 Live Chat Plugin For WordPress website

Now that You have learned some tips and why should you implement live chat lets move forward with our list of top 4 plugins.

1. Zendesk Chat 

Currently having 829,234+ download with 80% ratings this is the best plugin to be considered for live chat function on your website.

Comes with easy installation and offer the best design with eye-catching chat box so that every visitors might want to interact and ask about your products.

Highly customizable and comes with a dashboard where you can track stats and interact with visitors.

The best part I love about this gorgeous plugin is they offer both iPhone and Android app to chat on the go so that you won’t need your laptop all the time to wait for any visitors message.

With instant app notification so that you will never miss any sales questions then probably your visitors will be impressed and buy your services.

Comes with free and paid plans.

Chat history of 14 days is a good option in the dashboard to track past chats. Let’s talk about the pricing in brief detail.

Free plans allow one sales agent to handle unlimited conversation but again there is a restriction of one at a time.

Whereas paid plans start with $11.20 per month (not a bad deal for startups ) for this plan you can unlock various further customization.

Visit Zendesk

2. Live Chat

It’s an easy lite solution to handle live chat.

This is all in one solution for both your agent and your customers. While this is not as handy as the above Zendesk as they won’t offer Android & IOS app but can be a great competitor by its features.

For customer side, they can leave a review when the chat ends and can be found easier on the page with a single click.

The chat box also comes with handy social sharing option when a chat ends so that your customers can spread your support and encourage others too.

Also, it ends customizable and can be more beautiful as well as attractive with chat history. But sadly this is a premium solution starting from $16 per month.

While support agent has more power and control over the chat box.

  • Engage with customer instead of waiting for their message (best features to increase lots of conversions)
  • customization of chat windows
  • Access to all conversation directly via dedicated dashboard
  • History of previous chat

The list goes on and on Check on their official website here 🙂

Visit Live Chat

Tidio live chat

Say it similar and alternative to Zendesk because almost every features and pricing are similar to each other.

So here is a short list of features

  • Android/IOS App
  • Pre customize chat box
  • Easy to handle
  • Chat from wp dashboard
  • Offline message Available
  • Conversation via email
  • Free/paid version

Now let’s talks about the pricing.

As already discussed above the plugin comes with free as well as paid solution and are similar to that of Zendesk.

Free plan comes with the unlimited conversation but one agent is restricted to one chat box.

Whereas paid plan start from $12 per month enable automatic reply and chat colors

Visit Tidio Live Chat

4. Olark

The one I would say it is an advanced plugin for every big as well as small business with a fully functional solution.

My apologies it’s not a plugin but come with a piece of code that you can implement via widget but still simple and great.

Use it as a help desk, a sales support or something else you will be impressed but it’s advanced functions also come with customizable chat box with previous chat history.

Pricing is free as well as paid.

While I don’t recommend the free version if you receive lots of traffic and sell lots of products because there’s is limitations.

20 chats per month for free version whereas the paid version starts with 17$ per month.

All its matter is it’s packed with bunch of features

  • CRM integration (lots of CRM)
  • Show chat box by setting the rules
  • Customer support integration
  • Separate your team support and sales
  • Chat history with search
  • See your visitors shopping cart
  • Remove olark’s Branding
  • Track chat frequency
  • Track customer satisfaction
  • Track what your customers heat map on each page they visits
  • Feedback after chat
  • More more and more … (List is long)

Visit Olark


Every plugin in this list is a good option for the different business model but if you are confused for the best free or best paid Here is my suggestion.

If you are startup and want a free solution go with Zendesk

If your business is stablished and want full functional and under control go with olark.

If you know any other plugin that should be on this list please tell me via the comments section.

And of course share this post but the condition is if this article was really helpful.

Here is my rating for olark

WordPress Live Chat Plugins
  • Fetures
  • Design
  • Overall ratings
  • Wordpress intregation


Compared and shortern out best free premium plugin for wordpress to slightly increase conversion and boost your e-commerce website with gaining customer trust and attention

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