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Top 3 twitter tools you cannot resist to use in 2017

Twitter is ultimately one of the best social networking sites for blogger and others top brand twitter specialize its trend by keeping its post character for 140 words.

But do you think managing your social account on Twitter can be easier now with the below tools?

Although I have already published an awesome article on social management tools. if you haven’t yet seen the post yet please go to the below link.

How to automate social media posting with free tools

 Top 3 tools to manage your twitter account 


This free tool gives you full analytic of your tweets by showing your best time to tweet (on basics of your follower’s behavior with tool) if you are serious Blogger and you have written a new post now you want it to be shared as an update to your followers. Tweroid tells you the best time to tweet so that maximum followers can see your tweets.

Isn’t it’s awesome why don’t you try. but wait have you followed me on the twitter if you haven’t No problems its Don’t hurt me

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Again this is awesome tools which you can use to connect with your Twitter account what does this tools do is they analyze your tweets and tell you how far your tweet traveled (reached to audiences so you can read reports of your follower’s activity.

This is must-have tools for every twitter users you can get a report of engagement impressions with real-time monitoring.

They charge $99 for lifetime analytic of two twitter profiles they do also have a higher plan according to your needs


If you want a full analysis of your Twitter account for your follower activity and how well is performing your tweets also you can see the list of followers who are not active from last 1 month and you can easily unfollow them.

  • your followers’ interests, geographic location, languages
  • how much influence your followers wield
  • what is your best time to tweet so you can maximise the value of every tweet
  • use filtering tools to find interesting people to follow
  • segment your Twitter followers and simplify community management
  • easily locate Twitter users you wish to add/remove from a list.

So, in short, you can call it all in one tool for twitter they offer both free and paid analytics or if you are feeling it’s not safe for using the tool you can request a demo for you.

So this all is the Twitter profile management tool hope you have enjoyed. please share the post with your friends and also do leave comments.


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Shivam Dwivedi

Founder @Bloggerguard, content marketing and business development expert

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