Top 3 best keyword planner tool online

Keyword Planner is the biggest player in blog/website SEO (search engine optimization ) for improving Google rankings or your AdSense CPC this is must for every blogger or website owner.

Today’s guide I will tell you to top 5 keywords researching tool with some features including pricing comparison.

P.s – some tools are free where some tools are paid but offer a trial period.

List Of Best keyword Planner Tool


This tool is my personal favorite tool I am using this for my blog it has both a free plan and paid one. you get 2 searches for free every 24 hours that is good for free one. you can register the tool to get more free searches. the best part of the tool is they show CPC and volume searches which any other free keywords research tool won’t offer.

kW finder helps you to get keywords that generate high organic traffic and with the help of questions based keywords tool you can also search for questions keywords From below you can search your keywords.

If your website is new try to select keywords with low difficulty

For example: How old is google? now the volume of Searches is approx 55000 per month.

2. Google Keyword Planner 

I am sure many of you have heard about this tool and many of you are currently using this tool.

After kW finder, this is my second personal favorite tool for keywords researching. the reason behind the popularity of the tool is it’s directly connected to AdWord.

So you need AdWord account to use this tool.

Features, limitations, and pricing

The only best features of the tool are its give you deep info about the keywords according to google.

limitations are you cannot search how your keywords are doing in the other search engines.

All-Time favorite

3. Semrush

Top 3 best keyword planner tool online

For those who are serious about their website/blog and want to spend some money to get better keywords and data analysis let me tell you this is the right tool for you.

I have used this paid tool in its free trial of 14 days and this tool.has amazed me for its excellent data. with this tool, you can get high CPC even the highest CPC keywords for your blog. A CPC  Keywords set ranging from $1-$50 so it’s a good choice if you want to increase your income with the tool.

The best part of this tool is you just need an URL may be your competitor URL and you can see what keywords are ranking that website. isn’t it’s awesome? right.

You get report (depth reports on )

  • AdSense keywords
  • Data analysis of competitor website
  • keywords searches volume
  • Search engine reports

This is highly recommended tools you must use it if you are serious about your website.after the trial period you have to pay $$

So this was the top 3 tools that will help you to get keywords and data analysis. my suggestion for you is semrush or if you want you can go for kW finder which is again an awesome tool.

Google keyword finder is mid of both choices. Don’t forget to comment join our mailing list to receive updates also share this post with your friends.




Shivam Dwivedi

Founder @Bloggerguard, content marketing and business development expert

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