Useful Tips To Optimize Website Speed and improve conversion by 4%

Who want to surf a slow website of course anybody will close the website which doesn’t load in 2-3 sec.

Apart from this, there are much more disadvantages of having a slow website that is as below.

  • Google will index your website much slower than your own website (call it a competition lol)
  • Users are more likely to leave a website which doesn’t have loading time within 2 sec (Maximum 3 sec)
  • If you are running a paid promotion for your slow website its waste of your money

So these were the common issues but I have solutions as always so keep reading the post. Don’t forget to opt for our newsletter.

 Method of getting your website loads under 2 sec

1. By using a cache plugin

So I guess you already heard about it, isn’t it?  keep reading.

So by having a cache plugin, you can improve your blog/website loading time much faster than your website (current speed).

If you don’t know your website loading time you can check here on the two popular websites –Google page speed, Pingdom

What cache plugin actually do is they save the web page or complete website to the user browser.

And when the site has no new information or update (i.e post, images, videos or something else ) they display the cached version of the site to the user which is really fast.

Some of the popular cache plugins for wp is wp fastest cache plugin, w3 total cache plugin, wp rocket.

2. Using a CDN 

wondering what is CDN (content delivery network)?

what is cdn

CDN is a system of distributed servers (network) that deliver pages and other Web content to a user, based on the geographic locations of the user. basically, they deliver the website content from the server which is very close to the user.

My all-time favorite and the best ever CDN provider is CloudFlare

3. compression images

Image compression can help you to reduce lots of loading time by reducing the size of the image in the same quality (pixel). This can be really helpful for your website.

Some of the popular plugins that will help you in image compression are short pixel which I use here at blogger guard. Its come with free as well paid plan and another one is imagify image optimiser.

So these were some tips to reduce your website page speed I guarantee you can achieve up to 600ms to 1s loads time by using a method which is described above.

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Shivam Dwivedi

Founder @Bloggerguard, content marketing and business development expert

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