Top 4 landing page inspiration and best practices in 2017

This post was updated on 14 October 2017

Your product is about to launch and you are excited about seeing the performance of your product in online market

Of course, everybody is.

You have a simple looking coming soon page with big headlines and 1-5 pictures and time mentioned in bold text.

But have you ever noticed your bounce rate on  the coming soon page

Obviously, I bet You have higher bounce rate compared to Your others pages

But why?

  • Does my audience have no interest in my product
  • Or they don’t have trust in your business

No, Shivam I have already implemented your brand development strategy hacks.

So what is the reason?

Reason is your products landing page is not Optimized with beautiful designs with CTA Optimization, Heading Optimization, and much more

Let me share you my secrets

Actually, even after Have been blogging from last year (guest writer on my friend blog) [retired], I was completely unfamiliar with how a landing page can do real magic.

After I started blogging here at bloggerguard I was wondering how a landing page can convert my blog.

After a first trail I gave up with words “It’s too boring and irritating ” I hated It too much. So this is a reason behind you cannot find any landing page on my blog.

But I have decided to create a landing page for my Ads space buying section so that I may get a conversation more than usual for a good start that will be a landing page inspiration for everyone I hope soo. 🙂

Top 4 ways your product landing page can do well for lead generation and follower’s with boosting sales

1. Headlines Are The Storyteller

Good attractive Headlines can do well and force your audience to read the description too.

While I have already discussed some free tools online to generate & analysis headlines.

Do you know that in terms of SEO techniques some researchers say good headlines in search engines are more likely to be clicked 3x times

Here are tips to optimize your landing page headline for conversion.

  • Inculde keywords
  • Make sure its attractive
  • Make sure your headline tells what you are offering

Nail the headlines now to boost your sales and lower down bounce rate!

  1. Make It short, sweet and lovely
  2. Make sure to use negative word’s (using a negative word’s like “caution don’t do this” users will then wonder why and they will try to find more and more information.

2.Magic Of Call-To-Action Optimization

You may want to invite your readers or make them fill up your newsletter forms And that’s is where a Call to action button is used for.

Suppose You are inviting your users to follow you on the Facebook page.

So a  button  with text “follow us ”

Another one with text “Nail everything we post to join us on facebook”

What do you think which one will get good amount of clicks button “A” or button “B”

Well everybody knows that no need to discuss but  I want to hear from my audience in the comment section.

Tell me what do you think about it in comment section

Now you have a better understanding of why optimization of your CTA is important.

Here is how you can nail call to action button

  • Give a good reason for clicking your CTA
  • Make it short
  • Offer  benefit to get  CTA clicks
  • Good color for making your buttons attractive
  • Right placement (To be get easily noticed)

3. Magic Of leads generation Forms

There is no need to tell what is lead generation? or what is a benefit of lead generation?

Almost everyone knows that and I have already discussed it in a detailed guide for email marketing.

Poper placement, proper reason and proper headlines are factors to get a single piece of email address on your empty or low email list.

Anybody can’t say with confidence for the right place on your blog or website but placing lead generation form just below the fold works.

Yes, somewhere its work when you have proper reasons to subscribe your mailing list. (Offering resources for free)

 Landing page inspiration

We are considering ProBlogger website for this to test what is the correct placement of landing page inspiration


landing page inspiration

Now the above screenshot demonstrates that ProBlogger knows where the opt-in form can perform well and could be easily caught in visitors eyes.

They have a clean and simple CTA and description section provides useful information about the benefits subscriber will get if they opt-in for their list.

There is a lot of tools available in the market to build a landing page that converts. I suggest to go with pro version because you are paying little amount but in return, you will get lots of sales and customers.

Read: 9 Brilliant Hacks By Experts for Brand Development to get Spikes In Sales

Some of the great tool online on the market are as below

1. Thrive Architect

Thrive architect is definitely the number one page builder in the market due to its offer large variety of selection between 150 great templates with drag and drop builder so that non-techies would also build a landing page that converts.

The pricing of a plugin is little interesting.

For just $67 You get lifetime updates and 1 years support or buy their membership plan to access all plugin and themes by just only paying a little amount per month.

Full features listings are

  1. Drag and Drop Builder
  2. Doesn’t affect page speed
  3. comes with 150 great template
  4. 1-year support
  5. Full-width layout
  6. create a custom page (starts from completely blank page)
  7. undo-redo function
  8. a good number of elements to add on the page for higher conversion
  9. Live editor (makes easy to what you see while editing

what you are waiting for creating a landing page and submit it in the comment section I will make a list of top 10 landing page inspiration in this post.

2. OptimizePress

For a while, the plugin name Optimizepress became popular for creating a landing page.

What I can say is this is the best alternative to thrive architect plugin with lots of loaded features.

This comes with a bundle so if you are thinking to change your theme or start a new blog then you should go for it.

The bundle includes a minimalist theme, Optimizepress itself and a membership plugin.

This does also have lots of template with easy drag and drop builder.

While this plugin has to take 29 megabits of space that is lot space and that needs to be compressed by the plugin developers.


  1. Numbers of a good template to choose from
  2. Get Optimize marketplace to access extra both free and paid themes are available
  3. comes with an advanced editor
  4. comes with membership plugin to easily start a  membership section or website
  5. 2 step opt-in functionality

The pricing of the plugin is too high and after paying the amount we still have to buy extra template according to our needs

$97 for lifetime update and 1 years of support.

Still, there is plenty of plugins to write in this single post and I don’t want to let this miss by you so I am combining it here.

1.Beaver builder

Comes with free and paid version with lots of features. It’s up to you to decide The pricing is 97$ and 1-year support.

If you are going with this plugin for paid version just don’t because you get cheap and best features in thrive architect

2. coming soon by seedprod

This landing page isn’t a great landing page builder tool online but still, I kept on the list because it’s a good choice for those who are looking to host a coming soon page on their website.

Comes with Maintainance mode features and allow the specific client to view your landing page from a custom link with easy list building to slash your efforts

Use it to run a viral contest to double up your traffic before the launch 🙂

Pricing starts from as little as $29 which is awesome and affordable for start-ups

For giving landing pages a free trial you should go with WordPress Landing Pages (permanently free but with limited support)

So these were my complete efforts for building a list of best and handpicked landing page creator tool with landing page inspiration and best practices for 2017

If you are waiting long and long for the next post on my blog. Sorry for that We are currently working on user experience on our website

Now we will post on regular basis While I suggest you to opt-in my mailing list to get instant notification after each and every post published here

Do join our discussion section ti ask and questions If you feel that comments section is not enough for your concern

Do also share your landing page inspiration I will combine the list here

Shivam Dwivedi

Founder @Bloggerguard, content marketing and business development expert

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