Top 5 tools creating visuals for your blog and social media websites

Who does like reading an article without proper images in the article and they end up closing the website so graphics designing is most important aspect of blogging or for a running website.

If you are looking for visitors attention your blog post must have capable visuals by using graphic designing website.

In today’s post, I will list you top 5 online graphics creation apps which will give you a boost to your posts and you are just going to thanks me.  just share this post on social media.

Top 5 online graphics designing software to use in 2017

1. canva

graphic designing website

This is my personal favorite graphics designing online software which help me to create free design with lots of free themes, illustration, icon, photos etc… they have also some paid icon, illustration, photo’s etc.

You can create a lot of design like e-book cover, Facebook cover, twitter cover, infographics, wattpad cover …etc there are lots of designing themes available you must check it out. you can save the image as png and other formats are also available.

Tips: you can create a gig for graphics designing or business card designing on Fiverr for some money i.e $5-$15.

You can use canva for creating graphics for your email check out our post.

Getting started with email marketing and best practices

2. Befunky

graphic design websites

This is also an amazing website for photo editing as well as graphics designing the best part is they offer an app to design on the go. you can make banner, poster, infographics and much more with this tool you can save high-resolution images from the tool. this tool is completely ads free.


This is of course best tool under little bit comparison with canva it has a free as well as a paid plan its easy to use but its templates are loaded with lots of text so it would require having some time before you get in what way you want it to be. already many popular brands are using it for their graphics. i.e Harvard University, IBM

It is easy to edit those text but you might feel inconvenience using it.

 Pricing & features graphic designing website

Free plan

limited access to tools

Paid plan – $3 per months with lots of themes and template.

4. Venngage

Venngage is graphics designing tools for infographics, reports, social media, the poster as well as promotions.

There is lots of add-on available for inserting into the graphic i.e text, images charts, maps, icons that ranging from certain currency foods and others. overall this tool is good to use for blogging purpose or for schooling or colleges.

If you really want to create charts and graphs this is an amazing tool for you. You can go for this. many entrepreneurs use the tool as seen by me on Huffington Post.

This tool consists of different plans you can get an account for you which best suits your needs. you can add your own data to google docs, CVS and more …


Free plan: images cannot be downloaded in .png format for that you have to order paid one.

Pro plan: $19 for a month

Business plan: $67 for a month

Enterprise plan: available on contacting them

There is fotor but its ends of costing lots of money for premium graphics designing above are the best platform and sources for graphics designing.

So this was top 5 tool for creating visual for your blog or website but do suggest me in the comment section if I have missed any popular platform and stand a chance to be featured in the post.


Shivam Dwivedi

Founder @Bloggerguard, content marketing and business development expert

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