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Getting started with email marketing and best practices

Hello, guys welcome to Bloggerguard so this is my first post I will not introduce much here about my self but I am Shivam Dwivedi the founder and CEO of bloggerguard and you can read more at about me page here I will share some of the email marketing companies.

Have you ever heard the term email marketing? I guess you haven’t if you are new to the blogging or something related to this felid. i.e an e-commerce website felid or anything else. but today I will explain you the main reason and purpose big businesses use it as their one of the sword!

What is email marketing?

Answer: Email marketing is tactics to collect emails from your website visitors and using it to promote your products and sending updates to your website.

Wonder how ? well this is super easy people come to your website you have embed subscription form.

From any popular services now people fill up their details. their details get stored in list which you have created using the service provider now you have new product’s that is just launched and you want to create awareness about your new product among your blog readers the easiest method for this is to create a campaign using the services provider and send it to the list.

Boom you have successfully created awareness about your products. now let me go more detail in below infographic.


email marketing companies


email marketing companies




Now, what are the services provided here?

Services provider is those who allow you to host your list on their website and create a campaign and send it to your list.

These companies are usually both free or paid and I will advise you to go with the free one if you own start-up business.

Do you know according to research of popular entrepreneur  43.34% of people comes to read there post by the email.

And atleast on average 68% sale of your products can be boosted by email marketing.

Email marketing companies

MailChimp is the best service for free as well as paid one because of its offer amazing services.

For the free account, you get  up to 5000 leads capturing and you can go for their paid plan details on their website
some features of free account at MailChimp.

  • Get free app to manage your campaign and list as well as report on the go
  • Get 5000 email capturing free for lifetime
  • Awesome customer service
  • some powerful forms design to attract your users (By using third party plugin )
  • integration with any platform
  • You can use it in your own app

How to automate social media posting with free tools

Another on the list is Aweber which is an awesome paid tool and they also offer 14 days trial which is awesome for testing their services I would highly recommend it for your blog or website.
So these above two are my recommendation but you can also try convert kit which is also being popular these days even some entrepreneur also uses its services.

Now, what can you do more with email marketing?

the answer is you can promote your product, you can promote others products to get a commission (via affiliate marketing I will write about it soon), your new services change in the legal agreement of using your website and much more.

So these were a quick introduction to email marketing and some popular services.

Don’t forget to share this post with your friends to make them aware of awesomeness of email marketing  don’t be lazy putting a comment below if you have some questions also do subscribe to our mailing list to test drive how I use email marketing (you will have some ideas ) and of course you can opt-out/unsubscribe  anytime.


Shivam Dwivedi

Founder @Bloggerguard, content marketing and business development expert

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