30 Ways To Build Backlinks (Number 2 Is Our Favourite)

Everybody needs backlinks to survive this evolution of SEO.

Backlinks are important to gain trust by search engines and look like professional to visitors.

You may have been trying a lot for every single quality backlinks to your awesome website.

And you are doing good to establish your brand on the internet.

But today when I found that there is no helpful guide on the internet (No more than top 25 ways to build backlink) to build quality backlinks I decided to write this brief list.

Of course, we have already discovered some great post on Internet from the pro like Rand FishkinNeil Patel for building backlinks and SEO optimization.

I decided to pay off their hard work further with my exclusive guide to build backlinks.

One thing I want it to be very clear who is this article for 

If you are working hard to create quality content on your blog/website and then focusing on content marketing to promote your article and gain some backlinks than my friend this piece of content is for you.

Backlink Building Guide



If you are hungry for backlinks from authority sites like Cnn, Forbes and other’s news website.

Then Haro (Help A Reporter Out) is a great place to start building your Link’s from the day one.

Let’s see how you can get started on this awesome platform Once you are on homepage on HARO proceed to sign up page and fill required credentials

Like this one


After everything is looking good when you verify your email you don’t need further action Just need to wait for those golden email.

Haro sends out 3 emails per day for a free account with reporters details and required information.

After you sign up, you’ll get three emails a day – at 5:35 a.m., 12:35 p.m. and 5:35 p.m. ET from Monday to Friday.  Souces : HARO 

After you have that information start with intensive research to support your answer’s and if possible include screenshot or explanation video to support your answer’s.

If you are sure your answer will stand out and grammar are correct (proofreading) you may proceed with hitting enter to send out that information.

Advice: Include Your author Bio and link to your blog and social profile.

If your answer is selected you may end up getting a backlink to your blog with a social mention.

  • Case study #1

Snappa co-founder made a (DA92) backlink just spending few hours to research and create an over willing answer with his high-quality pitches

Here is the request for information from INC about content marketing Future.

Haro query

And here is the awesome pitch from  Christopher Gimmer 

Haro Link Building

And the results were amazing he got mentioned with his name and backlink to his company snappa


If you are interested in learning about this amazing platform here is the link to Christopher Gimmer original article on Ahrefs blog.

How you can succeed on this platform

You need to find and visualize the most helpful information to support your speech try providing lots of data to a reporter about what they are asking.

Another most important thing is to create a pitch that reporter won’t regret

If you are not sure how you can write a good pitch I have found an amazing article on the web to help you out.

Writing a perfect pitch by mary

Broken link Method 

Building backlinks from broken links on the internet is a fun way to create quality links easily with some good content and a good pitch email.

Many bloggers won’t take advantage of an expired link on authority website.

Let’s have a look how you can earn backlinks using broken backlinks techniques

Since you don’t have hours to spend on checking every blog post for a broken link.

Of course, no one has,

We need a tool to make it easier for you to find broken link easily.

Using Screaming Frog ?

This is a popular tool to find out broken link opportunity. Actually, a software which can be installed on Windows or Mac which crawls websites’ links, images, CSS, script, and apps to evaluate onsite SEO.

A free package provides basic audit and performs 500 analysis if you are not done you can go for a premium.

They have a detailed introduction video of screaming frog software (See below)

If you don’t want to install software and do all this bulls**t  Ahref is another choice for you to find broken links.

Majestic site explorer

I am a big fan of majestic tool to research keywords and Analyse trend data with keywords difficulty.

But another cool stuff is the tool is filled with Lots of other SEO features and one of them is finding all outgoing links which return 404 error from a domain.

Let’s perform a quick search and rescue those bloggers suffering from a broken link on their page. On the homepage of majestic site explorer first, finish up with creating your account with them.

Of course, you need one,

Once everything is set up let’s perform a quick search for outgoing links that return 404 error.

And  you got the results for outgoing links

Now if you see some links which are related to your content

Let’s say you have content with (needed)
The email outreach (most important )

Now you have the list you are going to beg a backlink for suggesting your article as an alternative.

First, you need to make sure you have really awesome content to suggest them.

Here is handcrafted email pitch (Created By me 🙂 )

Hello _(First name for administration)

I was recently browsing your awesome piece of content and found one broken link that can have a serious impact on SEO.

For reference here the article link (link to the article that contains broken link)

I recommend you to cite the link so that it can be helpful for your reader and search engine both.

I have also created a similar stuff that is filled with lots of information and might help your audience.

Would love if you check it out 

(Link to your article)



This is going to probably work better all you need is to replace the brackets with links and name. Don’t add more lines to this pitch as many people won’t enjoy reading a long email.

If you don’t get a reply you need to send a follow-up email (last email)

Hey (first name )

This is a quick reminder for my last email I sent regarding broken link I found on your website.

I was curious if you haven’t already seen my last email and took an action to improve your SEO.



Skyscraper techniques

Invented by  Brian Dean at backlinko this is most convenient techniques to build high authority backlink with some research and gathering high-quality data to write a long-form article.

You may have heard about content is the King and that’s what we are going to do in skyscraper techniques.

First, we need to find trends about any topic in particular niche.

Here @bloggerguard I write about content marketing, WordPress, blogging and business development.

You don’t need to do all that hard work because there is already great tools like Google trends and Buzzsumo

We are going with Buzzsumo to analyze how many shares and backlinks the keyword (article ) is getting.

Buzzsumo is actually a paid tool which enables you to search how far is an article popular on social media. You also have the magical power to see who is sharing that content.


  • Case study #2

Brian Dean recently introduce his article on skyscraper techniques where he mentioned his story with a video how he was able to generate lots of backlink and traffic of course,

let’s have a quick look how this works by  Brian Dean

Blog commenting

I have already published a guide to blog commenting with helpful tools which reduce the time taken for generating backlinks from blog commenting.

This ebook is available for newsletter subscriber’s

Here is some data to support this topic experience on how they generated an extra 1k+ visit by leaving comments on another blog

Sujan Patel : Generated, visitors and 5 new sign up for trails of her tool Neil Patel: Generated , 3,973 visitors and 6 consultation leads with comments on other popular blogs


I think you may be aware of how popular are infographics are.

Try posting a viral infographic to your Twitter account with the hashtag and your profile will be filled with some more followers and retweet on that infographic.

But you can also use an infographic to generate backlinks by submitting to the directories.

Some of these directories are getting lots of hits monthly so you can generate some traffic too.

How to create an infographic to generate lots of backlinks

You need to create an infographic that will go viral for that you need intensive research and gathering data to build a quality infographic.

You can use source like or some blog article to gather your data

Repurpose some content from different blogs.

There is Lot’s of software out to create your first viral infographics like a pro.

Let’s have a look at how to use Piktochart to create a helpful infographic’s

For these, I am going to create an Infographic on “How to create your First quality that goes viral infographic

First, you need to create an account of course,

After you have verified your account head-up to the tool and you need to select a Template that is easy to edit. (Use Template According to your niche or create one from starch)

  • #case study 3

Wordstream got backlink for creating an awesome Infographic’s from CNN 

Running viral contest 

Do you know how much visitors attention you can get by running a contest on your blog and probably you will get some backlinks too?

You don’t have to offer s a brand new iPhone X or something elsewhere but you can set it up with your paid ebook for free or paid account for your online tool/software you took weeks to create.

If you are in Marketing world or blog niche “A paid Hosting account” or “Domain”  and consultation would be the right Product to offer a giveaway.

And what is the best thing is just giveaway a few (limited number) product and in return, you are getting lots of referral traffic and backlinks.

Ps. If you are investing in giveway you probably have some bucks to promote your contest with Fb or Twitter ads

This works like a charm.

If your website is running on WordPress there are lot’s of helpful plugin out there to Create a contest.

Two of those are –

These tools let you set up your contest.

No matter if it’s a referral contest or a lead magnet contest or something else you are good to go with these tools.

If you are using cool landing page then you should see the extra conversion.

Including a social sharing option can drive an extra 1-5k traffic if it is promoted by influencers.

If you have some powers I mean the list “mailing list” write an email to let them know you are hosting a contest

A social announcement to your followers and your group can gather extra participates.

Create a Scarcity by making your homepage a countdown for contest or if you are not convenient you can also make a notification bar for that

Smart blogger Has The Most Effective Way To Host A Contest

Problogger Has Also The Same

Consider check it out.

Trust me it’s worth,

  • Case study #4

Bryan Harris at Videofruit generated lot’s of traffic and backlinks with running a contest for $3000 (leads pages subscription for 10 years)

What he got?

2039 subscriber into his Mailing list + lots of backlinks

Submission Backlink’s

If you want some backlinks for just doing 3-5 steps this technique is for you.

Submitting your website to different directories and getting backlinks is easier than creating a content and hoping to get quality backlinks.

Nowadays it’s not a quick processing to get accepted your website in directories due to a large number of submission.

But sometimes it’s worth.

Not only your website you can submit your infographic, ebook and other’s free content made by you to market your website

That can be podcast episode, MP3 audio, Icon’s creative common images.

The Good News

You don’t need to do all that hard work for finding a quality site to submit your website or your content.

I have already organized it into a report (excel format) with Domain rankings

Super Good News

It’s Free to download and instant! Here’s is your form to fill in your details 

Cautions: This will probably add to my mailing list (But we don’t Spam )

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Appearing in interview’s

Cool right? You can get high-quality backlinks form appearing in an interview with your fellow bloggers.

It’s not a bad idea to ask someone to interview you in their webinar series or podcasting series.

If you really really want to contribute your knowledge about particular topic in your niche you are going to get backlink or backlink’s

Depend on your interviewee popularity

We have already an advanced guide to building backlinks by Ereach Blog.

Good luck !!!

Roundup Post

Round post tends to do very well because you are asking expert opinion on the particular topic and then writing (combining) it in your blog post.

You are not going to get Lot’s of backlinks But shares by these expert’s just for a reason because you mentioned them in your post.

They want to spread their opinion to their audience via your post.

How do we head start? 

You need to stick to the topic and find out some blog or social profile that write about your topic.

Let’s take “Content Marketing” as an example and write a pitch Email to expert’s asking their opinion.

Let’s perform a quick search for expert on “content marketing + Experts”

You have two doors unlocked.

The one is digging into an already researched blog post and finding expert directly and then visiting their website to find the email.

Another’s is doing self-hard work by find blogs manually that with different keywords but sticking to the same topic.

  • Content promotion + Experts

This can be another alternative to find someone who is expert in this niche.

Another the social way for finding an expert is the majestic tool Followerwonk. 

You can see Social authority ranking and the number of followers with what topic they are expert in.

This tool dig into Twitter profile bio’s to find an expert. Once you have a list ready you can go with It by sending pitches.

If you prepared 100 expert list chances are you might get reply form 30+ expert’s

Depend on the situation!

Writing pitch – the perfect way

Hello (Expert First name),

I am a big fan of (their Blog URL) as you are contributing a best possible article about (the topic).

Recently I found a question about (the expert roundup topic) from a different channel like Facebook and LinkedIn groups.

It will glad my audience if you contribute your opinion on this topic for about “200-250 word’s

I understand you are very busy these days but always keep your work at your top priority and then contribute to my audience 🙂


Shivam Dwivedi

You don’t need to add extra lines on this pitch as it will make it too big and busy people don’t like reading a long email.

Pro Tips: Don’t stop even you write the article and experts share with his/her network. Do your regular (content promotion ) include link to my article

Smart Blogger Has Better Expert Roundup Tips

  • #case study 5

The smart blogger mentioned that they performed an expert roundup post.

  • They got about 4000 Shares in this article
  • Got a most trending article in Buzzsumo.

Cool Right? Good luck 🙂

Forum Marketing

Question answer sites are a great way to generate lots of traffic (believe me lot’s of traffic)  and backlinks to your website.

If you are staying active and helping others in forum community not for your interest but for the public.

If you’re spamming it’s not going to work at all!!

This kind of backlinks/ traffic requires patience as to build trust with you by the system.

If you take an example of site point forum they will instantly ban you from spam.

And if you are a long time user of their forum and have some karma points you are good to go.

But forums like Yahoo answers or the forum giant quora is still easy to drive targeted traffic if you stick to the point in your answer.

If you are a regular reader of this blog you have probably notice I have mentioned forum marketing as my top source traffic.

It’s not possible for being active on all forums in your niche but you can be active on top quality forums (3-4 forums ) at least two time’s a day.

Some of the multi-topic forums are

  • Reddit
  • Yahoo Answers
  • Quora

Friendship With Blog Aggregator

There are two benefits of blog aggregator

  • You get backlinks
  • Get exposure to thousands of people’s

So blog aggregator websites are a friend of any blogger. This is kind of submission backlink’s which is 290% effective.

Submission of this kind of website is organized into two sections

  • Paid submission (normally approval within 24 hours)
  • Free submission (sometimes chances are your link might be deleted or buried under a large number of submission.

You don’t need to do all that hard word which I did to find both paid and free high-quality blog aggregator websites.

You are one step away from downloading those list Here is the form

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Backlinks Building For Business

Starting An Affiliate program For Your Business Product

Do you know how much this kind of program gets reviewed with backlinks to your product?.

If you are a business owner and own a great product which is really awesome and want to promote it to drive sales.

The best way to drive traffic, sale’s and brand awareness is the affiliate program for your products.

Even companies like Amazon and Flipkart has an affiliate program to boost their sales.

If you notice “Aweber” which is a paid email list building service they also offer’s affiliate program with resources to help pattern to promote their service.

Partner get 20-30% of each sale they send on Aweber.

How these partners promote their service

Answers are simple they write an awesome review on their established Blog with backlink and exposure to their audience.

Cool stuff..  right?

If you are on CMS Platform like WordPress you can easily integrate your affiliate program on your website with the help of a plugin.

Building Resources For Free

Rather expecting backlinks on your article or your homepage you should go out with your research tool to find and create perfect resources that anybody else’s need to know.

If you are denoting quality resources that means you are getting lots of free traffic and backlinks.

If you look at social media automation tool giant Coschedule resources page you fill like wow what amazing resources are available for free.

Not only you can build backlinks but also create an email capture strategy to collect leads.

Resources like Videos series, Ebooks And researched article are great and can work for any website.

Want to create A Buzz? Focus On Guest Posting

Yes guest posting isn’t dead


After this video was revealed by Matt Cut every webmaster was afraid of the SEO techniques which was used sometimes ago.


We found this when Matt Cut  revealed another video targeting those who are spamming by using guest blogging techniques to generate in natural Link’s

All safe?…

If you are still curious you can still get traffic to your website using a no-follow link.

Finding high authority blog that accepts guest post on their website may not be an easy task and too much time consuming but it’s really worth’s for every single guest post on high authority website.

To find guest blogging opportunities there are too many ways out 

  • Searching with keywords (which you want to write about)

Keywords+guest blog


Keywords+write for us

  • #case study 6

I do not completely depend on this post for sharing case study I can research and write full information but trust me Thesocialms Has Written 5 Inressetiabl case study for guest blogging.

Stealing Hard work of Your competition

This is kind of fun actually for those who want to push their competitor down.

Because you are stealing all those hard work by creating a good content then your competitor and reaching out to those who linked your competitor for those content.

Remember skyscraper techniques? But it’s different for you are going directly find your competitor best post.

And then probably creating more helpful content.

So you don’t need to find trendy content research on its history then start content creation like we did on skyscraper techniques.

How you analysis which content is doing the best on your competitor website?

Buzzsumo is one of tool to ease your pains you can find out what’s trending on your competitor website just by entering their domain name.

Another way to find is digging for backlinks using spyfu the best spy tools for a competitor.

Submitting your site for feedback System

There are two advantages of feedback System for getting backlinks.

  • Getting potential feedback about your website
  • And Backlink’s

Many feedback sites allow you to get high-quality backlinks from just entering your site description.

Here’s are some popular website which is designed for getting high-quality backlinks.

Backlinks sites here for feedback

Google plus profile

You already may have heard that social signals are a great way to grab good ranking since google know how much your content is focused on the topic because people are sharing it.

Google plus also one of the top social media platforms in the world and because they allow do-follow backlinks they are great enough.

Making a Google plus account should not take more than 5 minutes.

Fill in your details and include your website in the bio section.

Scoop It.

Well, it’s a No-follow backlinks program.

But! Still the best way to drive blog traffic from the thousands of visitor’s. People stumble their favorite content here in a magazine format.

Lot’s of the pages is well established with thousands of followers.

You can take advantage of these pages to build (No-follow) Backlinks.


Let’s explore this awesome platform to build quality backlinks for referral traffic purpose from 5-10 minutes of work.

The formula is here

If you have a really awesome content to submit to these pages you are going to be published in front of more eyeballs. And more eyeballs means Chance’s are you get more backlinks.

This is both side winning game whether you get lots of traffic or lots of backlinks+ traffic. Using Scoop.It suggestion page you can find high page ranks (publication on

Here is what the suggestion Tool look like

Now you need to write a very short and sweet pitch to the admin of the page.

Building Case studies

Buiding case study is another method to get high-quality backlinks for just an hour of intensive research and with hit and trial method.

People’s love to dig about something with more information.

Blogs also need to link case studies to support their opinion.

If you are building case study that is not so common then you can win this game by generating lots of backlinks.

Have a look at how some case studies generated backlinks.

Backlinko generated lot’s of backlinks by creating a very unique case study.

Hosting Regular Webinar

I call it “Replay Link Building strategy”

This is not something like instant success but still works great if you are offering an incredible piece of webinar series.

If it’s your first webinar Chance’s are you are not going to be linked to website.

Because they have no idea how great you webinar course can be.

But offering a replay of your last webinar (adding recordings to a page on your domain) can give people another chance to watch it again.

Since when you end up webinar it’s permanently gone. People have no way to link to your great webinar. Creating a page with recordings of your last webinar can be useful too.

Pro Tip: Include a share button on the page to help people easily share your content on social media for more exposure.

Don’t stop here do your regular content marketing (promotion of your webinar)

The best way to reach the audience that has already loved your webinar is sending them a lovely email.

Here’s is what you can include in your email.

Hi (First name),

Hope you enjoyed my last webinar which was live on (date) and at (time).

I thought you will be missing those great presentations.

Right? I am missing it too.

But the good news has I recorded my last webinar and added it to my new page which is live now with the webinar course.

So you can watch it anytime and anywhere.

Hope to see you in my next webinar which will be live soon.


(Shivam Dwivedi)

Create Local Listing

If your business is a target by a specific place (local business ) you can take advantage of this by building high-quality backlinks.

Even search engine tends to show local listing at top of the results.

Getting your website on Google listing is easy, fast and profitable.

There is still some more local listing directories Available on the web which you need to discover for golden link building opportunities.

While I had already slashed your hard work by discovering some goldmines to mine high-quality backlinks.

Here’s is some local listing website by HubSpot

Yelp (more profitable way) 

I’m really impressed with this high-quality website that is for restaurant and hotel listing + more categories are available.

You can build a profile on this then the user can rate your services and you get more and more traffic.

You also get opportunities to make your product better by a collecting review from people’s.

If you are not on Yelp just go for it.

Link’s in Yelp profile are Do-follow.

Unlinked Mentioned

You are doing such a nice job and getting mentioned on other websites but sadly they don’t link you.

But you can change the game right now 🙂

Head over to Mention and create your account to start monitoring and you will get an alert when someone mentioned you somewhere.

Now that you know how to get alerts on mention it’s time to pitch the website administration and ask to link it.

Head to the contact page of the website which mentioned you.

Find their email address or contact form.

Once you have a medium to contact just write a small pitch email.

Like this one...

Hi (admin first name)

I was recently browsing your one of the awesome content and found that you have mentioned me an expert.

I highly appreciate it and a lot thanks for mentioning me.

I thought myself to ask you to have a visit to my website because I have written quality content that is relevant to your reader’s

So If you like the  content you are free to add a link to my site with the (mentioned anchor text)


Shivam Dwivedi

Take advantage of outgoing links from your blog post

Well, you have just finished writing content by mentioning some Experts post as sources.

You can then simply tweet them or let them know by a sweet email that you have mentioned them.

If the expert liked and Retweet it’s going to expose to the large audience.

Here’s is a process guide that shows you how this works.

You tweet to expert> expert reads> Expert liked> expert retweet it> you get exposure to thousand of auduince>lots of backlinks

Distribute press release

Remember HARO? But you don’t need to stick with Haro for backlinks.

What I mean is don’t make it primary method for building backlinks from the press release.

Work with as many as a publication you want and give them the best possible answer to impress them.

Here’s is the list of the press release you should follow to get Backlinks to your website.


Cathing Infographics thieves

Sounds crazy?

But it’s not. Because if you create quality Infographic’s you will definitely be finding anyone using it in their blog article.

Wait you don’t need to pitch them to remove those Infographic’s that you took hour’s to create.

Instead, you can generate quality backlinks if you are writing a sweet mail asking them to link your homepage or an article that is related to your Infographic’s

Writing the pitch (A perfect way)

Hello (admin name),

When I was browsing your one of the article I found that you are using an image from my content as sources.

Lot thanks for that.

You may want to include my (homepage/article link) to better support your answer and to give me a credit.


Shivam Dwivedi

Outdated content hunt

Here’s is the full strategy for this kind of link building technique’s

Finding outdated content and asking them that you can work for them to update their content by taking credit as a link back to your site.

Use tool like VisioSpark Outdated content finder to find outdated content and pitch the owner that you are available for them to write for just a link.

Facebook Ad Campaigns

Its already told that Facebook has a large business in the advert and have multiple platforms to show ads on.

You can target multiple people according to their behavior and intentions.

You can select where you want your ads should be appear

  • Mobile Ads
  • Desktop ads
  • Audience platform
  • Instagram

Taking advantage of this platform you can easily create catchy ads.

Some may want to include your website homepage link when they are writing a Facebook ads campaigns optimization tips and include your ad copy as a perfect ad.

Second is to drive traffic to your most evergreen content on your website so that lot’s of people can find and link to it.

Writing How-to guides

You probably don’t know how popular these guide can be if you write it as most evergreen content that is not so common.

People can just start linking to your site as soon as they find these content.

But you have to write a very much unique content that can go viral easier with normal content Marketing 

Experiment with list post

If you can write a very long list post with perfect example and can include Infographics and explainer videos.This technique is for you.

Just you need to find any trendy topic

Do a Google search for the popular content that has list post on the same topic.

If you writing about content marketing you need to find trendy article that has list post on “top x”

And then try to write something better and longer list post.

Suppose you found an article with top 25 then you can write for Top 40.

Then you need to do regular content Marketing include the technique of stealing your Competitor backlinks.

  • Case study #7

Barien Dean wrote his very popular article on Google Top 200 Ranking Factor

And here is the snapshot of how many links he got on this article.

google 200 ranking factorgoogle 200 ranking factor

Being Wikipedia editor

Do you know google soo much love Wikipedia articles

In a study, Experts find that 94% of searchers are conducted where Wikipedia article appears at the top

Being a Wikipedia editor and replacing deadlinks with your evergreen content can drive large traffic and backlinks.

Pro Tip. Create a Wikipedia page for your business to gain more brand awareness and a link to your website.

Beware of  Wikipedia rules

Conducting a survey

If you are interested in interacting with your existing audience and know their thoughts about something.

Hosting a survey is best possible options for you.

You can conduct a survey and share the report with big companies and ask them to link back to your site if they are going to publish it.

Tallent Of Public Speaking

Join events nearby you regularly on your niche related topic and find a chance to speak in front of an audience.

Speak friendly solve their problem and at last leave a sweet introduction to your self and your start-up story.

Creating Your First Squidoo Lens

Squidoo-Lens is one of the most popular site worldwide due to anybody can create content and publish it to the established audience.

Include your link to the site in your author bio.

Create scholarship program.

Sounds crazy?

But it’s not because you can get Backlinks from quality Edu Domain.

And remember google love backlinks from Edu or gov just because it’s trusted one.

Note: Getting backlinks from irrelevant website is useless to make a research in your space about who are the authority education website

Once you have the list just create a related scholarship program and pitch them to link you.

The full Stop

Since you have already discovered these link Building strategy it’s time to grow your links.

First breath in … Breath out

Thanks for participating in this long article please share this article to your social media accounts so that I can pay for my 12 cups of coffee I took to create this awesome list. Wait some more techniques awaits for you

More Ways To Earn Backlinks

Yes, You can find them in my onboarding email campaigns to help you build more high-quality links for your brand.


Shivam Dwivedi

Founder @Bloggerguard, content marketing and business development expert

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