4 Best Free CDN Provider’s To Speed Up Your WordPress Website

Does your customer’s abandoned shopping cart? or your rankings are going from top to down.

The most common reasons we analyze is your website speed for above two examples.

You may want to try out the CDN Provider’s to speed up your website after reading my previous article on Cheap Hacks To Increase Website Speed

But do you want to set up with Best CDN Provider that won’t pinch your pocket because you don’t have a room filled with bucks so why should you add extra fees to your monthly bills

So today I have made research and generated top 4 best CDN providers that will automatically boost your website speed and can handle a large amount of traffic.

Do note that they offer high-end security for brute force attack, DDoS Attack so that you don’t need to pay extra for these services comes in both free and paid plan for Major CDN providers.

Why You should be using CDN Providers?

A content delivery network or in short CDN Speed up your website by loading static resources by the nearest data center to your users instead of traveling long pathway from your web host servers.

Unlikely You can also reduce your bandwidth uses because CDN can transfer large files without using your web host bandwidth keeping less strain on your host.

Adding extra security to your website is one click away by CDN providers as discussed earlier.

Top 4 free CDN Provider’s (Bonus included )

Photon by jetpack

In spite of using jetpack plugin for monitoring your website, you may be unaware of photon toggle in jetpack settings If you are using jetpack you have already access to a free CDN.

This module in jetpack settings allows transferring files (Images only) from different WordPress servers.

To get started with Photon, all you need to do is install and activate the Jetpack plugin. 

Then, go into the Jetpack settings scroll down and activate the Photon module.

You can call it a basic best free CDN provider as this won’t work for all of your HTML and other scripts.

This plugin only like jetpack the images and deliver them to WordPress servers.

2. Amazon CloudFront

This is completely free service by Amazon but for a limited time you get cdn service for one year after that, you will be charged $10 for per GB.

I think this is not a bad deal for any beginner. Seeing their servers location they have it at every possible location. Check Your self Complete List Of Servers By Amazon 

Setting up this service might blow your head as this little irritating but this is because they provide more feasibility.

Lots of popular plugin support this CDN and one I recommend is w3 total cache Plugin.

By this, It will make your task easy for setting up and enjoying fast, secure, and unlimited bandwidth for one year in free of cost.

Please note they do Charges a very small amount of money for your card verification which will be refunded by next 5 business days



I have recently signup for incapsula free account and  All I want to say is its amazing free CDN provider.

While they offer there own SSL certificate for free of cost in there free and paid accounts.

So If you don’t have an SSL and searching for free SSL you should sign up for the free or the paid account.

Do note that If you have already installed a SSL certificate Then Your SSL will be stored in your host and you can use incapsula ssl certificate

Comparing CloudFlare and incapsula it’s all most similar and just like other best free CDN provider, this comes with no limit and 100% free.

Securing your site with incapsula is the best option for their two-factor authentication.

Just like CloudFlare setting up process is easy by updating your DNS settings.

Swarmify (Formerly Swarn CDN)

Swarmify is free WordPress plugin just like jetpack.

This is similar to jetpack as they offer 10 GB of limit and for only image compression and delivery.

I don’t recommend this if you are running a high traffic website as you can reach this limit easily and can get you charge 0.05$ for every GB consumed after you hit the limit.


For those who want to spend bucks ( not much but little) for getting more Feasible service, I have also compared a paid plan that will cost you a little amount.


Max CDN plan start with as little $9 and goes up to $299. You can choose according to your need but any amount of GB over the limit is applicable for $0.08 per GB.

For many users, Max CDN is only there choice for the best CDN all over the globe.


What I can attribute is this is one of the cheapest as well as best CDN provider for charges of 0.04$ for every 1 GB consumed.

With images compressor but you need to install a plugin for this feature that is Optimus image optimizer plugin.

Both of this plugin together function great and provide the best user experience.


All of the above lists are great service and are manually tested by me. Now it’s your choice to use according to your budget for free or paid plan. If you know something else that  I am missing in best Free CDN provider list please inform me via the comments section. And I will upgrade this best free CDN Provider list.

Do share with your friends on this list of top 4 best free CDN providers.

Shivam Dwivedi

Founder @Bloggerguard, content marketing and business development expert

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