Ad manager plugin for wordpress 2017 edition

Ads are the way which gives you amount to pay for hosting and domain bill and give you a reason for blogging but ever thought a plugin can do much better than human intelligence?

By the help of Plugin, you can Manage your ads to fit in the right place so you can get an extra commission (boosting conversion) from ad manager plugin for wp.

In today’s post, we will discuss our hand-picked plugin that will help you for better ads placement and generate handsome revenue.

You can use wp widget to place ads for a starter blogger but if you are really serious about your pocket expenses you should go for it.

The following things you can do with ads managing plugin.

  • A/B testing your ads: you can test which ads are performing well and the right placement of ads.
  • Record number of clicks on ads: with the help of Plugin you can record the number of clicks you get on the ads.
  • Run ads in different categories:   You can run AdSense, media.net, sponsor ads from buy sell ads or your own developed products as.
  • Mobile/Desktop ads: Best feature of any ads managing plugin you can always set what to display on mobile devices and on desktop.
  •  Geo targeting: You can choose what to display in different locations helpful for advertiser asking for local ads.

Best Ads Managing Plugin

Here is the ads managing plugin which I have experienced (best of all).

Advance ads plugin


Advanced Ads for WordPress


Suitable for those who are the publisher for Google Adsense or media.net or you can run HTML code. I am writing this post because this is awesome plugin which keeps getting updated with good 5-star rating available on the WordPress directory.

You can go for free and paid version as they offer both. for the free version is suitable for any one to get started but you can get more advance feature by paying 69 euros (As my love to all of you readers you can get an extra discount using my link).

Ps: it’s an affiliate link if you really want denote and help our blog getting growth you can go with the link.

Free version: Specifications

  • geo targeting
  • ads rotation
  • scheduling of ads
  • hide ads from bots
  • hiding ads on 404 error page (important for AdSense users)
  • displaying ads based on categories
  • shorts codes for ads or placing it automatically between your posts
  • disable displaying ads based on device

Isn’t it’s cool for any blogger and you can get your free plugin here

But wait advance version is even more cooler!

Yes, you heard right advanced version of this plugin is really awesome and its cost £69 and I will also provide a special discounted link.

Actually, they come with different pricing but you can get all the ads (complete package for £69).

Feature of advanced plugin

  • can show sticky ads
  • refresh the ads with reloading the page
  • displaying ads based on days (in weeks)
  • Shows ads on amp version of website (google map) you will get a detailed guide soon just subscribe to our mailing list)
  • offers stats addon
  • Best add-on- you can sell ads on your website directly with the plugin using the popular payment gateway PayPal etc..

They offer a manual for set up advance ads plugin

Extra 10% discount on the addon advance ads plugin

Shivam Dwivedi

Founder @Bloggerguard, content marketing and business development expert

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