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I’m a big believer in developing blogs and website that fulfil real needs and solve problems that people have. The problem need not be a big one but you should be asking a free consultation via contact us page.

I want to be short and simple in this section as many of don’t like reading biographies 🙂 Do you? I guess you are in the same criteria.

My audience is who want there own brand as blog or website or can denote a little bit in internet web-pages.

Going bit friendly and clear we are the WordPress, business, brand, brand development and website build community that publishes tutorial, Podcast, Videos But we want to make blogging more simple by planning monthly issue ebooks for our readers without paying a dime.

At my point of view, I always focus on my Audience quality time spent on my website with less or completely no ads because money cannot buy a happy reader.

We are not just workers here. We are the team to develop most of the resources for free which are most helpful and you are always welcome to download that and consume it.

Being completely transparent and honest to my reader’s I started blogging with my team after inspired by some popular blogger in my niche

So I love to credit them and would appreciate their hard work and dedication towards their work

Little Introduction To Myself

I am Shivam Dwivedi, the founder and CEO of bloggerguard  with aims to build a tutorial helpful communities for sharing my knowledge and experience about blogging or brand development with SEO I publish every article here but you can join me and my team by guest post I will always appreciate it and probably you are going to get credit for that.

Before I leave and ends up here I have a question to my audience

What is your point of view on blogging?


Email me the answer And I will set up your blog  functional and SEO optimization without paying a dime

I do share some resources via email be sure you are there on my list.

And of course, you can unsubscribe me anytime I won’t have a hard feeling for that 🙁 While you may want to read my privacy policy page.

Take some time and follow me on social media If you really think it’s worth following us on your social profile

Just keeping it short and sweet 🙂

Shivam Dwivedi

CEO & Founder

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