12 seo techniques that will probably boost your search traffic

Get ready to boost your search engine traffic

Here is how?

Seo is easy techniques to boost up your blog as well as create your brand awareness. First, we will learn why organic traffic is better than paid traffic.

Detailed step by step guide to boost your organic and referral traffic by our pre researched SEO techniques.


  1. People come’s from search engines by searching your targeted keywords so they are highly targetted towards your post and content
  2. They are your primary source of free traffic
  3. These People have more conversion to that of paid traffic and so on…

These are some main advantages of organic traffic and now let’s move forward.

According to the latest research by HubSpot  72 % of website traffic comes by searches.  oh cool right?  staying at top of search results can boost up up your website traffic can get sign up for your leads also can grow your sales.


But wait!

To get the ranking at top of Search result required lots of research and some patience. It cannot be done over night.

All I want to convey you that it takes time. In this article,  I will show 12 SEO techniques help you get ranked in google faster and easier

Every day People’s conduct over 3.5 billion searches make sure they find you.

Some people don’t care about  SEO Optimization at all.  But if you are one of them its time to bring change in you if you are serious about your business.

According to another research by expert  half of USA population research testimonials, brand reputation and some reviews before buying the product

So now you have learned why the hell SEO is important in your Blogging/business journey now let’s begin our exclusive guides to success with 12 SEO techniques
before we begin I recommend you go through these post where I have detailed everything:

The Modern Rules Of Writing Perfect Headlines using title generator With some SEO Advice

Useful Tips To Optimize Website Speed and improve conversion by 4%

Getting started with email marketing and best practices

Also make sure you have attractive clean lead generation form with good mobile friendly website design you can check you website here with this free google tool Webpage mobiles friendly testing here

or conduct a search with google website mobile friendly test

Seo audit report analysis and improvements (Important SEO techniques)

On performing a search with “SEO audit company” there are many companies which are going to offering the complete SEO audit report or just to improve your SEO but why not try to do your self with this free guide that covers you step by step instead of wasting your pocket money there.

Let’s have a deep analysis of your website with the free tool and I will guide you step by step further.

what is SEO audit? 

I know many of newbies thinking what is SEO audit?

In general SEO audit is complete deep analysis of your website and improving it for  ranking  well on search results (SEO techniques) Here is audit check list

Audit step 1. check that your meta title and description is present in on of your web page.

You must have SEO title present with keywords In your post tittle and meta description set (Use Yoast plugin).

Free Guide to find low competition keywords :

Top 3 best keyword planner tool online

Audit step 2. Check that your URLs are structured properly.

Ok now let’s see below example to understand it. more quickly and easily from this post URL.

blogger SEO-techniques/

and let’s have another example

so which is easier to read and understand obviously the first example so make sure your website URL is structured properly.

Keeping your permalink short can be easily understood by search engines bots and help you getting good ranking in that particular keywords.

Here is short guide to understanding it quickly and easily

Step 1. Go to WordPress dashboard

Step 2. head over to setting click reading option

Step 3. refer to below image how to set up Permalink’s for your blog

Step 5. finally, click on save button

Important points to remember

  • Keep urls short and readable
  • includes keywords in your post (Help’s search engine to better understand your content)
  • use 301 redirect to when changing your url
  • block bad links to pass link juice by robot txt file
  • use hifen –
  • upload your favicon to  your site to build your brand identity

Audit step 3.  Proper formatting of your blog post (Important in SEO)

  1. Must break Content with H1 & H2 headings
  2. use a maximum of 3 sentences in each paragraph
  3. Bold your important lines

Use Yoast plugin to see SEO score of your blog post here is the snapshot -(recommended plugin from various successful bloggers with there SEO techniques.

Audit step 4.  Check that your post images have alt tags

Remember google crawl bot cannot read images so you have to give your image alt tags with proper keywords here is how you can add alt tag in images automatically.

SEO Friendly image for WordPress (automatically)

Audit step 5 (most important ranking factor )  interlinking pages

Interlinking the most important aspect of blogging in terms of useful SEO techniques this include interlink your own content + someone other who have PA  (page authority rank developed by Moz).

You can easily check page authority rank by the most popular services by Moz called Open Site Explorer.

Important of interlink your old post to your new post 

When Google bots come to your website which doesn’t  interlink older web pages they see like “This much work oh god save me! ”

Image credit gratisography



let’s have take 2… action

When google crawler bot come’s on your website which has been interlinking related post. they see every thing in an organized way so they are happy = your post rank higher.

Important of the linking others blog post to your content (related articles information from another high domain authority website )
So you feel why do I pass my traffic to others sites.

But wait I am talking about linking high page authority blog to create Google trust on you.

Don’t believe me just google it and you can read why linking of outbound links are important to get Google trust on you

So these were some SEO advice. Wait ! I am not just leaving the post here I will proceed further with it.

I am sure many of you are searching the trick to perform SEO audit on your site within a sec I said don’t because I have pre-researched for and here is the link Quick Sprout.

Let’s begin with steps for using this tool and I am also going to perform sep audit for my blog too.

Step. 1  open quick sprout using the link above

Step. 2 Enter your homepage URL and hit enter  you will be redirected to the audit report after some time (time is taken for generating the report of your website

I too, have used this tool for Optimization of bloggerguard and my client blogs too

Because I know how no seo optimization is hurting my blog ranking

If you are facing issues please use the comment section and I will help you step by step there.

Congratulations if you did it now your website is optimised for search results 

But Wait!

Below is an amazing guide to generate referral traffic, search engine traffic, backlink, link juice, building your brand identity.

Sorry if you are bored. Go have some coffee to Fress up your self and buy me a cup of coffee too by sharing this article about SEO techniques to social media accounts

Step 1.Generating backlinks.

What is backlink? how can it help your business? how can you create one?

These are some questions you may be thinking and I will answer you below.

A backlink is a link which is created on another site by either admin by the user which point link to your website.

It can build trust and help you improve your rankings and give you lots of referral traffic & organic traffic.

Google love backlink with .org .gov try to get it one from these sites

Another important thing is you can get a google penalties and can completely removed your website from search results if you have a backlink form bad sites

If you have such one use google Disavow tool in search console to say google you don’t want to link this particular site to another site

Tips: next article I will be sharing some way how you get lots of backlink from high authority website till now enjoy reading SEO techniques

Answering on Quora 

I am sure you guys may have heard about it.

Its question and answer site but for bloggers, it’s a way to generate awesome backlinks and traffic to your blog since its launched in 2008 have made an efforts to get hits by 400 million people worldwide   let me show you up with screenshot below


While I have just started using Quora last night I have answered 10 question as you can see how powerful platform it.

Here some tricks to get most views and some hit on your website link

  1.  Answers to new question as fast as possible
  2. go brief in your answer don’t just put your website link and submit the answer it won’t get much attention
  3. if possible  use images to best describe your answer it build trust and agree readers to follow on Quora and visit your website link

here is some example now let’s pick up a question like this one belowquora traffic

As you can see here this question has 13 follow and 49 answer he has used rights tags for getting his question visible so take the advantage of this type of question now let’s see some answer of the same question

As you can see the answer is informative but still don’t have images now let examine another answer at Quora having informative answer and images


Wow, the answer got over 1.6 k views and 14 upvotes imagine how much traffic he was able to generate with his answer.

For full guide over Don’t forget to join there newsletter as they publish awesome content. No, i didn’t got commission from them quora answer traffic.

Publishing slides on SlideShare

Yes it SlideShare

You can get as many as backlink you want + good amount of traffic + reputation. Publish your own Slides  there

You can also use a popular tool called canva to create awesome Slideshare presentation

Still confused? check out Ana Hoffman slide got ranked on SlideShare homepage generating lots of traffic from it.

SlideShare Traffic Case Study • From 0 to 243,000 Views in 30 Days





Isn’t it cool so let’s have a look of our own Slideshare contain information about this post let’s have it getting a million hits today! ( Trying my luck too…)


Join LinkedIn Groups

Yes it popular way to find jobs and stay updated but we are going it to use for traffic generation from joining LinkedIn ( one of the best  SEO techniques  )

LinkedIn today has 500+ million users and useful for B2B

Start joing groups with good engagement smartly share your website link but don’t spam there

Using search filter to find leads

Have a good impressive profile

You can get tips for LinkedIn traffic generation from the most popular guide on the internet by 7 Ways to Drive More Blog Traffic Using LinkedIn.


Alright, guys enough information here for SEO techniques thanks for reading this article I really appreciate it please share this article to social media.

Feel free to drop us a line in comment section below also if you want to receive a personalized email from please subscribe to our mailing list.

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Shivam Dwivedi

Founder @Bloggerguard, content marketing and business development expert

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